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Lubbock has grown into a vibrant and bustling city.

Lubbock is home to many amazing museums, activities and of course, people!

We are known as the Hub City because our population is 250,000 but we support over 1 million people in small towns and communities across West Texas.

We have award-winning wineries and restaurants along with a great music life – we are home of Buddy Holly after all!

Lubbock has top notch health care services, research facilities and a top tier university with Texas Tech.

We are one of the United States top cotton producers, top wind power producers, we grow 80% of Texas wine grapes but what actually makes Lubbock the best (besides our sunsets) is the hospitality and charm of the West Texas people.

We love our West Texas community and feel blessed to be a part of its success and growth.

Thank you for trusting us to take you through our home buying and refinancing journeys. We cherish the opportunity! It is truly our pleasure.

We were awarded “Branch of the Year” by Benchmark HQ. We received our award at the 2019 Benchmark production trip. Here, we post with our award, and the CEO, President/Partner, and Co-Founder of Benchmark.

See how we give back to our community at Our Benchmark Lubbock Community