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Benchmark Delivers A Christmas Homecoming Miracle

Benchmark could just be another mortgage lender, but we’re not. Sure, every company has their ‘core values’, but there is something tangible and special about ours.

Our core values didn’t exist until after they were identified in the soul of the company years after it was established. These values not only inform how we do things, they defined what was already at work. They support an existing culture, rather than being the rules for mandating it. First and foremost, Benchmark is about relationships.

We recognize, and experience, the reality that it is people just like you who make what we do worthwhile. It’s not about money, fame, or pride; in the end, it’s about having the privilege to serve so many people in financing their dreams, while care for their future.

There are many client stories that remind us why we do what we do, and validate our mission. Stories like this one from our branch in Imperial, CA.

Good evening team, I wanted to thank you again for an incredible job getting the Rosales home for Christmas. They were homeless for 6 months, and living in a friend’s room with 2 kids.

We knew we could close for New Year’s but for Christmas we needed a miracle, and today when I give them the news that the house was recorded under their name, the first thing they told me was,

“Please thank everyone on your team because we knew we needed a Miracle and that Miracle is Benchmark. For the last 3 days every time I give Mom an update she will cry and I kept telling her don’t cry because you will make me cry.”

I was lucky to be present when they got the keys, and seeing her kids choosing their rooms and wanting to move all their furniture from storage tomorrow was the greatest gift I could have received as a Loan Officer. 

My client knows I’m the face of Benchmark, but without any of you this will never be possible. 
Valentina Estes, NMLS# 810063

At Benchmark, we are committed to listening to your goals and setting you up for future success. To learn more, Contact your local Benchmark branch. Contact us today for personalized information. Call me yourself or request a call from me. WeI would be honored to provide you with our famous excellent service.


Benchmark brings you home.

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